«NOSTOS» 2nd GREEK ALTERNATIVE TOURISM EXPO 2017 is an exhibition dedicated to alternative tourism, which is the most rapidly growing form of tourism worldwide. NOSTOS EXPO 2017 is the ultimate destination for all the professionals and companies in the Greek Tourism business.
The city of Nafpaktos in Aitoloakarnania welcomes professionals and the public on 13 – 16 October, to highlight and promote business and services both in Greek and in European and
international markets.
NOSTOS EXPO 2017 offers a modern and alternative exhibition proposal, which creates an enhanced experience to trade visitors and public.

NOSTOS EXPO 2016. 13-16 October 2017

«NOSTOS» 2nd GREEK ALTERNATIVE TOURISM EXPO 2017 will have Regions, Municipalities and Chambers highlighting the destinations and activities in their areas plus private companies with services and products such as:

Services for alternative tourism such as Mountain bike, Canoe, Kayak, Rafting, Slimbing, Kite & wind surf, hiking, Sailing, Ski, Snowboard etc. Traditional Hotels and guest houses, Hotels, Studios and Rooms to let, Lodgings, Spa Resorts, Cottages, Campings, Ski Resorts, e-Travel & e-Hospitality, e-Booking, web, Booking Engines, Telecommunications, Airlines, Boats, Shipping passenger companies, Cruise companies, Tourist buses, Car rentals, Agencies, Tour Operators, tourist offices, plus Traditional products and gastronomy from across Greece.


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